Welcome to Nazim Foundation

We at NF have started to play a small role in the betterment of the social issues faced in India. Issues like Better Healthcare to the backward class, better education, women empowerment, homes for the elderly, girl child education, health and hygiene.

NF has started working on these issues by arranging free health check up camps in various areas of Mumbai. Arranging for book and other school supplies to the underprivileged children. Working towards woman empowerment by helping housewives earn through their skills and capabilities. NF has also arranged a camp for providing senior citizen cards.

It is important to focus on the solution and effective measures to help fight these social issues.
Every issue is inter-related to each other. Education is the most important creteria to build a better tomorrow but to help achieve education to all, we need better health care facilities , try to help achieve maximum employment, women empowerment, awareness of basic rights etc play a very important role.

This may sound very difficult and impossible. But together we can. If each and every one of us in the society believes in change and helps someone in whatever way possible can bring a huge difference to the society as whole.